Three Products That Can Be Life Savers When You Have a Small Pantry.

Hey everyone, Lola is here!!!

I’m super excited to share with you some of the tips for a better organized (small) pantry!

Unfortunately, it is not everyone that has those huge, movie star, walk-in pantry (neither am I), so it can be a real struggle to get things organized and functional in a small place.

But before diving into the products, we have to stop and analyze a few things first. Have you ever thought about how often you use the products and appliances in your pantry? Or, how often do you check expiration dates? What are the products and food you keep in the pantry? Are they cleaning products and/or dog food? If you responded yes for those questions and also realized you never check expirations dates, so you may have found a reason why you should implement a better system in your pantry! All of that can take out so much room from essential things you use on your daily basis, that you may need to start prioritizing your stuff. It doesn’t mean you need to get rid of essential things, but it can be a good idea to keep away things that you only use every once in a while, putting in hidden places or maybe in that lost cabinet in your kitchen.

All right! After all that important introduction I finally introduce the products we really love and are amazing at optimizing space inside pantries. Here they are:

1st – Lazy Susan: yes, I know I’ve mentioned this one before but this product right here can help a lot when you want to save space. It can be put on the corners of the shelves, inside cabinets, on top of shelves, etc. It makes things more visible and accessible. It can be usually used for: seasonings, sauces, spices, nut butters, and jams. It also comes in two tiers Lazy Susan, so you can optimize not only the corners but also the high space between each shelf. There is in a lot of different sizes, materials, colors and for sure any of it will fit your needs. Super cheap for its functionality and can be easily found on home improvements stores, supermarkets, and online shops.



2nd – Can Tier: if you consume a lot of can goods, this can tier is a must. Also found in different sizes, materials, and can be expandable as well. This product will be able to create and optimize your shelf, enabling you to see all the cans you carry on your pantry, making easier for you to check what you need to restore. It works like small shelves inside of one shelf. Cheap product, totally affordable and easy to find.



3rd – Acrylic Organizer: this one here is for sure one of the personal organizers’ favorites. It can be used for so many different products, such as: kid’s snacks, baby food, snacks in general, microwave popcorn, boxed foods, sauces, teas, can drinks, drinks in general, etc… The only thing about this one is, as all the acrylic products, it can be somehow overpriced, but if you’re able to hustle a little bit, you can try home improvements stores for cheap ones. Online shopping can also be a good option.


The organizing dancing starts with cleaning up your pantry (getting rid of expired products or donating for food banks that accept it), categorizing everything you have it, measuring your shelves (length, height, width) to match with organizing products and then putting back. IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE PRETTY BUT, MOSTLY IMPORTANT, FUNCTIONAL. If you try to use these products, using some of these tips, you’ll save some room in your pantry and won’t feel overwhelmed anymore whenever you open it.



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