The State of Mind that Organizing Brings to Your Life.


Since I started my career as a personal organizer, I noticed that physical organization helps me beyond keeping things in place and more accessible, it also makes me feel renovated from the inside. And that’s because of a cleaning feeling it brings, which automatically reflects in my mood, the way I face challenges and my creativity. It’s kind of a detox process from the inside out!

I understand that a lot of people might think that the act of organizing may be mentally and emotionally painful due to many reasons that may vary, such as strong attachment to the things, laziness, desperation for not knowing how to start, finding the process stressful, etc. Those are only a few examples, but because of that, usually the individuals tend to always postpone the organizing process, resulting in more anxiety and pain for living in a disorganized place. That can also be applied to those that believe they can find everything he or she needs in their own mess.

When living in a messy and cluttered environment, we end up becoming an irritated and anxious person, not only because  it takes us more time trying to find things around (which usually happens when we are in a rush), but also brings us frustration for seeing our sweet home becoming  a chaotic and not functional space, even if that’s our own mess.

One curiosity that I’d love to share with you guys is that “in the Japanese Buddhism tradition, dirt and squalor can be symptoms of unhappiness or illness.  Therefore, the practice of cleaning can be also associated to a state of mind and can help us building stronger consciousness of our lives. This is because the practice of cleaning is powerful,” says Shoukei Matsumoto, a Buddhist monk at the Komyoji temple in Tokyo, which wrote the book “A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind”.

Experience it for yourself and start organizing just a small corner of your house or one single drawer in your bedroom or workplace, and you’ll feel the freedom that you’ve been probably seeking for. Take away that clutter that keeps holding you back and you might not even notice it. Take that invisible weight off your shoulders.

Start smoothly!! Free up space and yourself!

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