Questions about how to declutter for this New Year – 2021

Hey everyone!!! Lola is here…

First month of a new year, and a lot to think about ahead. The whole world experienced a challenging 2020 and now it is time to renew our hope, rethink about our attitude as a human being, and move forward to a brand new year. So welcome 2021, we are ready!

This is not only a month for beginning, planning, analyzing, deciding, but a month where we can start making the change. I took a moment to think and analyze the past year and one thing that kept coming to my mind was how vulnerable we all are towards something we couldn’t predict or even see and how human beings don’t need a lot, materially speaking, to live.

During this time, we’ve witnessed that if we have health, we have basically everything we need. Of course, being a human, we all have needs to have a decent life, like food, a roof to sleep, clothes, shoes. But do we really need a lot? Aren’t we creating/adding unnecessary needs to our lifestyle?

For this month I propose we use this time to reflect what is really important to each of us. The environment we create at home, the way we are attached to things, such as clothes, objects, and so on, tell a lot about us. So, I’m going to leave here some reflecting questions that you can ask yourself, and also “play” a game with your loved ones doing a little survey with them.

Let’s take this “time to change” vibe we’re feeling in the air and do it as a fun homework for the official month of changing and new beginnings. So, let’s get started!

Here are some questions that may help you guys to declutter your life or maybe lead you to a minimalism lifestyle:

How long haven’t I used this?

When was the last time I used this?

Is it still my style?

Do I really need this, or I still have it just because?

Do I have other things with the same functionality?

Isn’t it going to be more useful for someone else?

Am I going to really miss it if I give it away or donate?

What is my feeling towards this object/piece of cloth?

The point of those questions is not to change anyone but make you guys think with the lenses of a professional organizer. That for sure is a start to help you guys to reflect the importance of things in our lives and make things lighter from now on. That’s the reflection I want to share with all of you for this new year and I hope you guys can use it as a guide anytime you feel cluttered.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed 2021, full of love and new opportunities. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

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