Sue and Lola developed a philosophy of life, through organization. The OrgaNice team is prepared to assist you in coordinating any room in your home and/or work environment. This will surely improve your domestic and professional life.

Home Organizing

Bathrooms, Closets, Kitchens, Nurseries, Offices, Pantries, Play Rooms, and more.

Moving Out

Are you getting ready to move? OrgaNice provides services of packing your belongings with the best organization techniques, to make sure everything is safe during the process, and arrives safely at the final destination.

New Home

OrgaNice also provides unpacking and boxing services at your new home or office space. Our practical and refined techniques of getting you settled down are second to none. We will make you feel at home again in the blink of an eye!

The Process

Under the OrgaNice system and excellence standards, we will categorize each item, as well as put away unnecessary or useless objects.  We will find the perfect spot for each one of them, and walk you through the final setup.  There will be no doubts about how to maintain your new way of life.

Virtual Home Organizing

Hey Mama! You know your space has so much potential, and you are the kind of a person DIY. However, you get overwhelmed once you start a project or don’t know where to start? Virtual Organizing Service is perfect for you. In this kind of service we’ll provide to you the following:
  • 1 hour video call to walk us through the space in more detail.
  • Design a plan to better accommodate everything in the area.
  • A complete shopping list with links.
  • Follow-up video call (15min)
  • $125/space