Organizing it will lead you to SUCCEED

DECEMBER… there you are!!!

This is the magic month, when we start thinking about the celebrations just around the corner, gathering with family and friends, buying gifts, home decorations, and new outfits.  On the other hand, we also start with the reflections: “What have I done to reach my new year resolutions?  What was I able to check off my to do list?”

Making Resolutions…

Every year, several people make resolutions for the new year.  From the simpler ones, like not accumulating dishes in the sink, to the bravest ones: “I’m afraid of heights, but I have to overcome it and this year I will go skydiving”.  I could make a huge list of things that people want to do, and will most certainly do.  However, I could also make a list of things that people want to do, but deep inside they know they won’t.  One of the things that is usually on everybody’s list is ORGANIZING their home or anything related (donating clothes, so they can have more space in their closet, clearing up their garage, re-organizing their pantry, and so on).
We all know that starting a project, whatever project that is (like any item of your New Year resolution list, for example), takes time, planning, and some effort.  Thinking about organizing, works the same way.  Your home is the place where you have your most intimate moments with family and friends.  This is where your heart lives.  Therefore, organizing it will lead you to succeed on the other wishes of your list.  When you feel a hundred percent comfortable at home, where everything has its own place, you can have your loved ones at any time and you will not have a hard time after they leave.  It will be so functional that everything will be very easy to put back in place.  Well, that definitely is a good and relieving feeling.  Of course, there are plenty of options on how to do that.

  • Set up a plan
  • Start slowly
  • Don’t do everything at once

First you sort the objects, put labels on them, and donate the ones you don’t use anymore.  You might end up throwing out a lot of stuff, or even selling the ones that are in better condition.  If you use your creativity, you might even have some fun!  Your life will be more practical and you can check an important item off your list.  The result will be a warm and cozy home feeling.
Changes happen from the inside out, and it is not different with our homes.  Organize your space, and it will reflect on every aspect of your life.
Happy Holidays!

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