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When I started to do the research of what subject would be interesting to bring you, I realized that this specific word keeps popping up in so many different news and articles recently then I thought “well, that’s my content right there!”. And the word is……. ORGANIZE. You might think what a cliché, a personal organizer trying to explore this word in a blog; but “organize” can be applied to a lot of aspects of our lives.

Before further exploring about the word, I’m going to add here the definition of it. I know you you’ll probably say that you know it already. But let me tell you something, as Sue and I shared with you before, we’re Brazilians, and as an ESL (English as a second language) I’ve always had to use the dictionary even though I knew the meaning of a word so I could explore better where and how to apply it. That’s why I like to bring it into my conversation with you guys. According to Cambridge Dictionary, ORGANIZE means: to make arrangements for something to happen; to do or arrange something according to a particular system; to make the necessary plans for something to happen; to form, join, or help someone to join a trade union. Now, with that information clear in our minds I can come to a simple conclusion: ORGANIZE is action, is setting plans to put in action, be prepared for something.

As we all know, this year of 2020 has been, let’s say, a little awkward. We’ve been adapting and arranging ourselves into so many different situations that we may have never expected. Financially, socially, morally, timing, educationally, the list goes on and on. For sure in some aspect of your life you had to be organized, re-organizing or at least setting a plan to start being organized. Think about how important this simple word is for you and your family right now. Have you imagined how things could be smoother if you arranged things, acted proactively or had a set plan? Just think about it. Yes, I love everything about organizing a home, rooms, closets, but most of the time the organizing movement you want to create into a physical space has to start with and within you. The result I can tell you right away: it will positively affect your life in some many aspects that you will be over the moon.

Now before rolling eyes when someone says something about organizing, you can think twice and take action and enjoy the results. Being organized for sure is part of the new normal and that, starts with you.



Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

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