We all know the importance of Spring Cleaning and what it represents in our life and culture. Most of us embrace this time and are excited to have our homes cleaned and organized.

Due to the novel COVID-19 and to keep our communities safe, a lot of countries, including the USA, have decided to adopt a quarantine period as a measure to decrease the incidence of the virus and flatten the curve, which means that we are able to leave our houses only for essentials. Now, the question that many of us are facing is: what do I do with the extra time?

We from Organice have received questions from our customers about how to use the free time during the quarantine and we decided to share a few tips with all of you. If you already apply the Spring Cleaning at home or at your workspace, you can now bring it to excellence. Make a checklist of the areas you want to work on and include a timeline with actions and deadlines. We know, my friends, we tend to procrastinate when we have lots of free time.

We’re not going to have this opportunity forever, so, make the process more detailed and result oriented. If you have kids at home, don’t feel that is an impossible mission. You can use your creativity with the little ones and transforming the cleaning as a fun game, where all of them can be part of it. You can also do it as a competition and give prizes to the kids (and some hubbies can be included here too), so it can be fun and they’ll be happy on helping you.

Now, if you are from the “I don’t have time” team, NOW IT’S TIME! You can follow the same tips mentioned above but maybe start with more general tasks. We have noticed that writing the tasks you need to do on flip chart papers, help you to successfully complete the plan. Don’t be hard on you, just make it simple.

Organizing is not necessarily throwing things away, but most important, making your home the place you most feel safe and comfy. The mess we see out there doesn’t need to reflect in our home, our sacred space.

Let’s enjoy this time we’ve been spending at home and get to know better what we have, what we really need and what we don’t need. We know, times like this can be concerning and bring some anxiety, but any situation has a bright side that we should embrace and learn from the process. When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade, in other words when life gives you time, make the best of it!

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