Less Is Always More!


Who never heard this saying, “Less is More”?  It has never been so true.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about the number of friends you have (good friends are much better than lots of friends), nor the quantity of socks in your drawer.

Have you ever thought about how many times you went to the supermarket holding a groceries list in your hand, and ended up buying items that were already sitting in your pantry?  The reason why you bought what you already had is that you tried to find something you needed, but you couldn’t, and then you added it to your list.

This is also true regarding clothes.  When there isn’t a system or organization in your closet, you end up buying things you already have.

When you have a disorganized environment in the house, and you are used to accumulating unnecessary stuff, it will make you spend more money than you were supposed to, cluttering the house with useless or repeated objects.

Now that a new year is beginning, and we are (at least) trying to put in practice our resolutions, seize this opportunity for an organization makeover in your home.  Start with the clothes and documents that are not necessary any more, one room at a time.  If possible, redo it every month, to avoid accumulating again.  For some, this can be very easy.  For some others, material detachment might be more painful, and should be done gradually.

Nowadays, there are several methods that can help this detachment.  For the minimalists, it could be useful to read and research about the Konmari Method, created by Marie Kondo.  Her motto is: “Does it spark joy?”.  There’s also a writer and blogger, Sarah Mueller, who wrote the book “Step-by-Step Decluttering”, that simplifies and demystifies the detachment process of unnecessary things, without being too dramatic.

Would you rather keep spending money on things that you already have (but you just don’t know where they are), or save money and invest on more important things for your future?  Think about it!





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