Homeschooling Means No Right, No Wrong !

Hey September, be welcome!!!

As I mentioned before, finding a nice subject to write on the blog can be very challenging. Not only because we always want to share awesome organizing tips with you mamas and busy people, but what we also want is to bring some reality into our lives, especially in times like these, which everything seems to be so unreal or even surreal. That’s why I decided to bring a few of my thoughts about homeschooling. I bet you guys are thinking: OMG, I already know too much about homeschooling! I have a real “hands-on” project going on right now on that matter!

I know, this is a subject that can be super extensive and can diverge into different opinions, which we all must respect since each of us has different experiences and realities

Even though I haven’t got into motherhood yet, I have talked to some moms and dads about that, and no doubt, the situation is no kidding. The struggle is real, and everyone faces similar challenges every single day. And you know what? You guys are awesome! Have you guys thought about all the skills used to keep things happening? Oh man, this is just unbelievable, and you guys deserve all my admiration.

Obviously, there is no magical formula of how parents should deal with that since there’s a lot of factors that need to be considered in this situation, such as social, cultural, time, financial, emotional, organizational, etc. However, as professional organizers, we always try to bring tips for a better and more organized life. It will always be our focus! But hey! We understand that each of us has different priorities and lifestyles, and some things are weighted differently for each individual. But the message is that we can make things happen when we find a balance between all the aspects mentioned here.

Being organized in times like these is the number one key to make things flow smooth(er) and not to go insane, not only the parents but the kids too. So, trying and making this homeschooling experience not too traumatizing is going to be a lot of work – and teamwork – with all parts involved. So once time and space are organized, things can flow accordingly. We guarantee!

When I say “being organized,” it is not necessarily physical space, but understanding that creating a time system for homeschooling is the key to success. And if you have never been an organized person in any sense, I believe now it is time. You’re going to enjoy embracing that more than never, trust me.

How should we start then? Well, we cannot forget we are dealing with kids, which means lots of energy going around. Therefore, we can always try to use the creativity the little ones have and make things funnier and more relaxed. We need to have empathy with them and remember about our childhood to maybe change boring paper calendars to a fun, colorful board or even getting notebook papers, putting them in the wall and listing the to do’s. They can draw, put stickers on it, and use magazine cuts with pictures, messages, and characters they love to become more attractive for them. If you have time, making it together could be a fun family task, much more interactive and fun! For sure, it will strengthen the bond between you and them.

Don’t forget to include breaks between classes when developing calendars. That will allow them (and the parents) to breathe a little bit and put the pressure of this new educational world reality out. During the breaks, you guys could introduce some short yoga classes for kids or even 5 minutes meditation. The whole family will benefit from that, and it will bring some calmness into the environment. This universe is new for you and your kids, so why not trying different things too? You can get surprised by the results!

The truth is, there is no right or wrong formula for homeschooling. We will make some mistakes along the way, but that’s how we learn. The point here is to enjoy the ride, even when things seem to be out of control sometimes or most of the time. This new educational system can create stressful moments, but can also bring opportunities to bring your family together. Everything new in life causes some turbulence, and that’s because we love the comfort zone in every aspect of our lives. I bet that’s not the first time you need to adjust your behavior to make things better. You did well before, and you will do greater this time!

Organizing your time is essential, but managing it in the sense of fitting you and your family needs into it is even more important. Reading all the organizing books, articles and websites are wonderful tools to help you in that task, but remember, you are the one who really knows what is essential in your life and will create your own organizing method. But we are always here to help!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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