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Hey everyone, Lola here!!!

As you all know, I come here every month to bring some awesome tips and hacks about organizing.

Sometimes I give advices on how to be more organized and sometimes I show you products that will help you to be more organized (I have to be honest that is my favorite part).

Organizing products can really help you optimize and declutter big and small spaces, so take the best advantage out of them and enjoy the best of the spaces you have at home and work. But don’t forget, never buy organizing products before analyzing what you already have and the most important, measure your space so you can get the right products for the spaces you want to organize, otherwise you can backfire my dear friends.

We live in a country which we can enjoy the four seasons, from camping during the summer to snowboarding during the winter. The result of that wonderful sky of possibilities is that we usually have hundreds of things to make sure we enjoy ourselves the most. When thinking about this month article I wondered: why not provide some valuable advice about some amazing organizing products designed for gears that help us to keep active and enjoy the outdoors?

As a result of that Lola’s wonderland thoughts, I’m going to show you some products to be used on organizing sports apparels and gears, since they can be bulky and occupy a lot of space in your house or garage. It all depends where and how you keep them. I highly recommend to have them in an easy access, so you won’t have excuses to not practice the sports you already do.

So, let’s start it!

1st – Multi Sports Ball Storage: this storage will help you to keep all the sports balls at the same spot. Easy access and you won’t have problem on looking for the ball you’re in need because you will for sure remember you’ll have a specific spot for them. This one in my opinion is a must have for those that have kids and have tons of different sports balls all over the house.


2nd – Garage Sports Storage: these sports multipurpose organizer can be used to storage a lot of different sports apparel, such as tennis rackets, baseball bats and gloves, roller skaters, etc.. It contains hooks and shelves where you can storage different sports gears. And please, DO NOT put objects that don’t belong to the sports category, otherwise it will turn into something that we all probably already have at home, messy shelves! You know yourself, so it’s up to you to decide what organizer it will fit better for your needs. I personally would have that, because in my professional experience is a complete organizer to have in a garage and optimize your space.

3rd – Bike Wall Mount/Hooks/Hanger: these is for sure a must must have. It actually doesn’t need a lot of explanation! It’s just a simple hook that will make your garage or balcony more spacious once you have your bikes hanged on it. It is also a decorative piece usually used by millennials. It can fit really well in small places such as bachelor and one-bedroom suites. Highly recommend it!

4th – Skiing and Snowboarding Freestanding/Rack: who never kept under the bed or inside an empty closet all your snow sports apparel because either didn’t have space, or didn’t know what to do with them?? You probably just use it when there’s snow or when going to a mountain in the winter time, obviously. So, these snow gear organizers here are definitely handy and I super recommend them. Why hide them if you can have it all organized right in front of you.

Instead of using your garage for your sports gears and apparels and not your cars, take these awesome tips right here and start organizing them in the best way as possible.

There’s organizers for EVERYTHING nowadays and once you know and get the sense when you have to get them, they will be the key for an organized life.





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