Christmas Organizing Tips

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Hey everyone, Lola’s here…

Super exciting to bring you more tips about organizing products. So far, my favorite subject!

I know this month we are two days late, again. But you know, we’re all human beings and with the craziness of life, we sometimes end up missing some due dates, and that’s totally okay (but just sometimes, DON’T MAKE IT AS A HABIT).

Since this month we celebrate Christmas, I’ve decided to bring some of the products that can be used for keeping Christmas ornaments, Christmas cooking, Christmas trees and everything related to CHRISTMAS, organized.

Most of us might not be able to host or go to those amazing family and friends Christmas events and gatherings, but it doesn’t mean we cannot keep the Christmas spirit in our home and mostly important in our heart. There are several ways we can express the real meaning of Christmas. It can be by bringing some colors to our home to make people happy or even baking and letting that comfy cookie smell to fulfill our home. But then, the first thought that hits our mind is: Oh no, how am I going to find those thousands of ornaments, lights, baking utensils in such a mess?? Well, for this year you might need to dive into the boxes and bags to find them. But I promise, if you guys take the time after the Holidays Season to do some organizing work, you won’t regret it for Christmas next year!

The products I will suggest are the ones we consider the most effective for organizing decorations and kitchen utensils!!!

So, let’s start it!!!

First product:

Air Tight Food Storage: nothing better than being able to keep all the ingredients for baking your ginger breads and cookies, Christmas cakes, puddings, etc. The air tight food storage helps keeping your flours, sugars, chocolate chips, cooking powders in general, super fresh and make your cooking experience easier, since they are clear and you can see exactly what you’ve been using (of course you can label it and add some design on it to distinguish what it is). They are POs favorites for bulk items. And when we talk about cooking for Christmas, that’s the choice.

Christmas Light Storage Reels: if you’re tired of detangle Christmas decoration lights, that’s the choice for you, or better, for us, after all who isn’t, right?! Who has never wasted time detangling the Christmas lights?! The product is going to save you a lot of time, so you can dedicate yourself more into action of the real decoration. It’s a must have.

Storage Containers: this is the most multi-purpose item when we talk about organizing. It can be used for so many things that the list could take the whole page of the blog lol. But let’s just focus on Christmas! The storage containers you can basically put all Christmas items. “Oh Lola, what is new with that? I already have everything in containers!!”. The magic will happen when you categorize the items and place them into identified containers. For example: theme ornaments and ball ornaments you can categorize by color and material; you can also put into containers the garlands, tree skirts, Christmas trees, and so on. When choosing the container, we suggest you people to go with clear containers, as they allow you to have an idea what you already have in the box beforehand. Also, they help it to keep the quality of the things inside, since it will be protected when closed with the lid (yeah, some people just throw lids because they want to put everything in only one, so the lids won’t work).

Christmas Wrapping Storage Organizer: yes. Even for wrapping there’s a solution to end the mess. Who else has gift wrapping placed in a lot of different parts of the house because actually doesn’t know what to do with it after using it? Or even worse, you know you have it somewhere, but forgot where you put it? That’s the right solution right here. This case will keep your gift-wrapping game tidy, and you won’t have to keep buying more and more because you don’t have it. Actually, you do, and you just don’t know where it is. You also have a compartment inside of this suitcase where you can leave accessories as scissors, ribbons, cords, and tapes. No more wasting money on things we already have!

Greeting Cards Organizer: okay, this year maybe not everyone is getting a gift because it’s been tough for everyone. But why not sending out a nice and beautiful card? Sometimes a very caring and thoughtful written card can make up for any gift. So, it’s time to stocking Christmas cards, and of course with it, getting a greeting card organizer. It comes with dividers so you can categorize the themes and who’s directed to. It will definitely help you whenever you’re doing your list to gift to.

Some of these products of course can be used with other purposes, but Christmas is around the corner, and when Christmas is over, no one has the excuse of saying,

there’s no place to keep or put away all the decoration.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

We from Organice wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!! See you in 2021!!








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