Fun time!

Hey everyone, Lola here!!! As you all know, I come here every month to bring some awesome tips and hacks about organizing. Sometimes I give advices on how to be more organized and sometimes I show you products that will help you to be more organized (I have to be honest that is my favorite … Read more

Christmas Organizing Tips

Hey everyone, Lola’s here… Super exciting to bring you more tips about organizing products. So far, my favorite subject! I know this month we are two days late, again. But you know, we’re all human beings and with the craziness of life, we sometimes end up missing some due dates, and that’s totally okay (but … Read more

Be creative !!!

Hello people!!! Lola here!! Bringing you more tips so you can dive into the organizing world. This month I decided to be more technical and explore a little bit of some of the personal organizer’s favorite products. Personally, and even before being a personal organizer, I’ve always been into organizing products not only for improving … Read more


Hey everyone, Lola here! It’s that time of the month where I come here to share my thoughts and also engage with you all. When I started to do the research of what subject would be interesting to bring you, I realized that this specific word keeps popping up in so many different news and … Read more

Homeschooling Means No Right, No Wrong !

Hey September, be welcome!!! As I mentioned before, finding a nice subject to write on the blog can be very challenging. Not only because we always want to share awesome organizing tips with you mamas and busy people, but what we also want is to bring some reality into our lives, especially in times like … Read more

Have You Procrastinated Today?

Here I’m again trying my best to share an interesting content with you mamas and busy people out there. I was thinking lately what would be a “must share” topic and thought about procrastination. Which is super present in any reading we do on our daily basis. Some of you might think procrastination, what a … Read more


We all know the importance of Spring Cleaning and what it represents in our life and culture. Most of us embrace this time and are excited to have our homes cleaned and organized. Due to the novel COVID-19 and to keep our communities safe, a lot of countries, including the USA, have decided to adopt … Read more