Simple and Quick Hacks for Organizing Your Office/Home Office

Hey everyone, Lola is here!

This month I’m going to show you some office products.

These tips will help you if your working from a  home office and want to keep everything organized. Also for people that work in an office and want to have their sport tidy and fresh.

There are so many products out there that will help you, but today I’ll explore products that we, as professional organizers, noticed in our projects are the most useful ones and can fit basically anywhere.

1st – Drawer organizers – these products are super versatile. They can be used in any drawer of your house, from bathroom to kitchen. But when you’re talking about organizing office drawers this can be very helpful with gadgets, cables, pen drives (do we still use that?), clips, rubber bands, pens, among others. Drawer organizers will help you prevent drawers from getting messy and will make you see clearly what you have and where are all your small things that you use in your daily office routine. You can mix and match sizes of organizers according to the products you’re going to use in them. And don’t forget to match before buying so you can optimize every corner of your drawer.

Mix and Match of drawer organizers - office drawer
Mix and Match of drawer organizers – Office Project
Mix and Match of drawer organizers – Office Project


2nd – Stackable File Trays – these are classics, just because they are super helpful when you want to contain that pile of papers all over your desk. It will help you to organize and categorize the papers according to your needs by tray, so then you don’t mess up the mail that needs to be checked with all other important things you need to do. You can buy some of them and even put them in different spots of your office. We also use them as storage for some stationary products such as envelops, envelope tags, printing papers, etc. One tip is to use tags to identify what goes on each tray. It can be by name, color or numbers.

Office Cabinet – Office Project

3rd – Stackable Organizer – this product style is also super versatile. It doesn’t work only for offices; you can use them for under the sink as well to organize cleaning products. At the office you can use them to keep all your office supplies in place and not all over the cabinets. You can use them for your printers’ refills, label maker tag refills (as you can see in the previous picture of one of our Office Projects), school tags, extra small supplies in general. They have in different sizes so you can play around and also mix and match them.

Most of these products are not necessarily for office purpose only. Organizing is also about being creative with all the products out there to help you keep things in place. Don’t make your home office life a burden just because it is not organized. These simple products will help you to keep up, and as a side effect it will make you feel much better where you are, embracing the best of it.



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