Be creative !!!

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Lola here!! Bringing you more tips so you can dive into the organizing world.

This month I decided to be more technical and explore a little bit of some of the personal organizer’s favorite products.

Personally, and even before being a personal organizer, I’ve always been into organizing products not only for improving its practicality, but for the fact that they make any space look clean, neat and beautiful. All at the same time!

Followed by that, I chose 5 products:

First: – Velvet and/or Plastic Hangers with Non-Slip Design:


These are so far “musts have” products that all organizers add into their projects. These hangers save a lot of space in the close and don’t let the most delicate clothes, as silk for example, falling out all the time as a regular plastic hanger does. Who never got irritated by that, ahn?? They’re a not the cheapest, but they are winners! And also, you don’t need to change it all at once. Do it slowly, start buying first for your delicate clothes, then follow by the rest. When you see, the magic happened and all hangers are replaced.

Second: – Drawer divider:

This one will help you create more space, and more important, get rid of the mess inside of the drawers. This can be in the kitchen cabinets’ drawers, dressers and bathrooms. It will help you create a room for everything – mostly the tiny things – that you put in your drawers so you’ll be able to see everything clearly. Reasonable price, and usually you don’t need a lot of it.

Third: – Lazy Susan (or round turntables):

It’s my favorite! You are able to add products of any kind to save space. Usually they are super efficient when used on corners of cabinets and works very good for spices and also hygiene products in your bathroom. The fun thing is, you don’t need to move anything in front of it, you just turn the table so you can find what you are looking for. Cheap product, so it is a must have.

Fourth: – Hooks

Who never came back from work, looked at that kitchen counter or sofa and realized that basically the wardrobe was there in piles? Yes, my friends, we all have experienced that. What we might not have noticed is that a simple hook could save us from that organizing horror movie. Not letting things on the floor or over counter and furniture (rags, scarves, towels, hats, belts, necklaces…) is the main function of it. Me personally have all over the house lol.



Fifth: – Boxes and Bins

The most famous product known when we talk about organizing spaces. Boxes and bins have an important role in the organizing world as it is cheap, practical, easy to categorize whatever is inside, protects. You can find them in so many different styles, colors, shapes, materials, fabrics, prices. You can be creative and mix different ones too. They help you a lot when you don’t have a lot of space and for whenever you want to hide your organized mess. And at the same time keep categorized. I use them at home for my scarves, winter accessories, laundry products in general in my laundry room, flip-flops, gifts wraps. Always categorizing and putting together related products inside and if possible, labeling so you know exactly what’s inside.


These are the 5 products I chose to talk about today, and like I said before, my favorite ones! But there are so many cool and functional products out there, that I can’t wait for the next posts! Let us know about the organizing products you guys want to know more or the organizing issues you guys have and we will make sure we cover those topics here.



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