Hey everyone, Lola here! It’s that time of the month where I come here to share my thoughts and also engage with you all. When I started to do the research of what subject would be interesting to bring you, I realized that this specific word keeps popping up in so many different news and … Read more

Homeschooling Means No Right, No Wrong !

Hey September, be welcome!!! As I mentioned before, finding a nice subject to write on the blog can be very challenging. Not only because we always want to share awesome organizing tips with you mamas and busy people, but what we also want is to bring some reality into our lives, especially in times like … Read more

Have You Procrastinated Today?

Here I’m again trying my best to share an interesting content with you mamas and busy people out there. I was thinking lately what would be a “must share” topic and thought about procrastination. Which is super present in any reading we do on our daily basis. Some of you might think procrastination, what a … Read more


We all know the importance of Spring Cleaning and what it represents in our life and culture. Most of us embrace this time and are excited to have our homes cleaned and organized. Due to the novel COVID-19 and to keep our communities safe, a lot of countries, including the USA, have decided to adopt … Read more

Less Is Always More!

  Who never heard this saying, “Less is More”?  It has never been so true. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the number of friends you have (good friends are much better than lots of friends), nor the quantity of socks in your drawer. Have you ever thought about how many times you went to … Read more

Ready, Set, Go !

Ready, set, go! Well, at least this is how we would like to imagine the beginning of a new year: just push a button whenever we are ready to start.  However, fortunately or unfortunately, this is not the way it works.  Unfortunately, because it would be very nice to have an autopilot, to make things … Read more

Organizing it will lead you to SUCCEED

DECEMBER… there you are!!! This is the magic month, when we start thinking about the celebrations just around the corner, gathering with family and friends, buying gifts, home decorations, and new outfits.  On the other hand, we also start with the reflections: “What have I done to reach my new year resolutions?  What was I … Read more